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The discourse of sweat and effort in Siheung-si

The final installation in Open Studio Exhibition

Siheoung-si is a first growing industrial area in South Korea, a big amount of industry already occupied the basic land of Siheung city, but still it is a home of nature, home of beauty, there is sea port, mountain, rice field and many other farming area as well as.
To support the system of its expected industrial goal, the existing population is not enough, so the city need to import effort from many other countries. EPS (Employment Permit System) is an initiative taken by Korean government to provide a legal job permission for the foreign workers to come and work for the expected industrial production in Korea. EPS fixed 15 countries to send their skilled people to get job in Korea. Bangladesh is one of the country with EPS program from 2007.

“The discourse of sweat and effort in Siheung-si” is a searching project to find the real situation of the Bangladesh worker in siheung-si. It will archive a possible number (expected 100 interview) of workers interview about their miscellaneous experience in siheung-si. It aimed to create an online archive of dialog which will reflect the cultural and physical adjustment of Bangladeshi workers in the city. The problems and possibilities of the city by their opinion, it will also consider to focus on EPS strategy and workers desire, Illegal migration problem, and many other humanistic issue. It will be a particular initiative to check the multicultural environment of the city. It will analyze the lifestyle and cultural understanding of the Bangladeshi workers as well as.
The archive will be useful for the human right activist, government and non-government development researchers and many other humanistic and socio-cultural researchers. And at the same time it will represent a visual and emotional installation with hopeful expression.

Video Interview from the Bangladeshi workers in Siheung-si:

an yang man living in siheung-si last 2 years and 8 months, he is very happy to be in siheung-si. I mate him in Wangguk-du,Ansan-si, he often came to visit Ansan -si, it is nearest place where he cam meet Bangladeshi people, he explain about his experience on korea in his opinion there is no value of a foreigner worker if they are sick or disable to work heard. it is extremely heard work which they are doing in Korea, most of the job are risky, he observed that almost all good salary job is needed high skill and heavy labor, if some one is working heard, and have good skill what factory needed, the owner respect him so much, they give him many type of facilities, bonus, and taking care about emotion. but if someone are not good skill they are not good with him in many way. (to be continued..)

The person feel that thee is many place in Korea to visit, but people like him who is working in Korea, can not go for visit as tourist, they are always in work load. Some time company owner offer party to them for entertainment, because if they are happy company will get more production. He is planning to visit A3 residency open studio event.

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