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Hankil Ryu “Wind Raises Plastic Bags”. Sound Art
Hiram Wong. Installation
& Abu Naser Robii as special guest. Performance Art
Curator: Nadege Derderian

I participated in the event curated by (British-french) curator Nadege Derderian in Our Monster Gallery rooftop at MULLE art village, seoul.
curators speech about the show:
“Trajectories have become forms: contemporary art gives the impression of being uplifted by an immense wave of displacement, translations, migrations of objects and being”. Nicolas Bourriaud, Altermodern

Our Monster Gallery rooftop is welcoming the creative processes ofvisual artist Hiram Wong (Hong Kong) and sound artist Ryu Hankil (Republic of Korea).

We breath. We need to breath. It keeps us alive. It’s an innate reflex. We also need to think, see and experience beauty. It differentiates us from other beings. Yet, sometimes, we are not aware of the contemplative qualities of what surrounds us.

The works of Hiram Wong and Ryu Hankil can therefore remind us of these forgotten qualities that our brains sometimes fail to tell us: a mechanical process of integrating and interpreting. Breathless is meant to show you the invisible.

You can see in their spectacle an intention to unfold the immateriality of ghostly figures: whilst Hiram Wong renders a palpable quality to the void through smoke, Ryu Hankil is capturing the materiality of sound through a fan device blowing into plastic bags, creating thus a noisy score. On the top of Mullae Art Village, they will impulse a breath of fresh air: something you can perceive but that doesn’t have a physical presence.

“Wind raises plastic bags” by Ryu Hankil is questioning a basic, yet fundamental question: what does it mean to experience music? If we think of music as simply music, we are inducing that there is a limitation, and a conventional form of expression. So he might there be suggesting that we need to look for another way to produce and understand music, and that we can apprehend it as a dichotomy; whereby two sides of the same thing can be and experienced through one perspective.

Sensation and perception are the central elements of Hiram Wong’s work. Creating oniric spaces in and for the real world, his installations blur the boundaries between “fantasy” and “reality. His work engages the viewers on mysterious journeys, combining narrative and symbolic references taken from personal experiences in dreams and reality.
This journey of escape from the real world predicated by the physical experience of the work questions the perception of our own presence, and raise an awareness that perhaps the most obvious and important realities are the ones often hidden in plain sight, and are the hardest to see. The plasticity found in the way which we perceive, experience, feel and think about space and time is a subject that is repeatedly explored in his work.

Hankil Ryu (Lives and works Seoul) is a musician born in 1975. He has been running Relay, a monthly event since 2005 and established his own publishing office called The Manual. He is interested in finding an alternative musical structures using found objects like clockworks, typewriters and telephones. After discovering the instrumental possibilities of a typewriter, he started to collaborate with writers lo wie and Taeyong KIM. The collaboration’s results were released by The Manual and Mediabus as three CD+Book sets.

Hiram Wong was born in Hong Kong, China. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University in the United States, and his MA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, United Kingdom. He was the recipient of the Berengo Art Prize in 2013, and was invited to produce an artwork in the Venice, Italy for the Glasstress 2013 exhibition—a collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennale. In 2014

Abu Naser robii lives and works in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Robii is a leading performance artist from Bangladesh. Exploring socio-political activities since 2002, he has performed in over 100 contexts, in different local, national and international events.
He is a founding member of Porapara, an artist-run space, dedicated to production and diffusion in Chittagong.

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