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Asian Art Space Network Meeting-2014

I was invited in the series of symposium at the construction project ‘2014 Asian Arts Space Network’ which was organized by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Office for Hub City of Asian Culture).

Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Office for Hub City of Asian Culture) encourages to share art creation trends, further, seeks ways to boost co-operations among creative art spaces of each Asian country and have been holding ‘Construction Project of Asian Arts Space Network’ from year to year in order to be laying a solid groundwork for international exchange and confederacy between Asian countries all together.

This series of event is run divided into the four main categories such as exhibition, seminar, forum and for last, publication. This year is expected to be particularly developing a specialized-thematic exhibition through by participation of 20 curators and 20 artists on an extensive scale of art exhibition.
Under a theme entitled ‘The Mirror and Monitor of Democracy in Asia’, this exhibition will present the various meanings of democracy among each government of Asian countries. Also, it is scheduled to move forward as an On-going project in the expectations to be enlarged in many forms.

I took part in all the session during the event and discussion. It was a great opportunity for building a great network between the participating organization, to understand Asian political environment by cultural presentation.

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